Why choose PikPak?

RevolutionaryHigh Speed Experience

PikPak provides you with a powerful enterprise-level network service with huge bandwidth. No matter the size of the file, more than 80% of the files can be downloaded to your PikPak ​​private Cloud Drive within a few seconds through the Cloud Download server.

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Average speed of current Cloud Download tasksAverage speed of current Cloud Download tasks
Personal broadband average download speedPersonal broadband average download speed
20 MB/s
Average speed of current Cloud Download tasks
Current number of Cloud Download tasks
The current full speed of Cloud Download


Your Cloud Downloads all happen on the PikPak remote server, and all server communication uses an encrypted protocol, so the ISP cannot monitor what you save.

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Enter links from Torrent / Magnet / Social Media (X(Twitter)) Posts

PikPak Private Cloud Drive

The cloud server parses and downloads files to your private Cloud Drive

PC · Phone · Tablet

Browse files saved in PikPak anytime, anywhere on different devices

* You see, PikPak is just like a more powerful private NAS

Original QualityPlay Online

You can play the videos you saved in PikPak online at any time like using Youtube and support 4K videos for original quality online playback.

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Compressed QualityUse an online video site to play
Original QualityPlay online with PikPak
* PikPak will automatically provide you with a variety of video resolution options, which can be played smoothly in various network environments

Enjoy PikPak on multiple platforms simultaneously

  • iOS


    Support Latest iOS 16
  • Android


    Support latest Android 12
  • Windows


    Support the latest Windows 11
  • Web Drive

    Web Drive

    Use online. No downloading is required.
  • Browser Extension

    Browser Extension

    One-click parsing and saving of resource links on web pages
    Most praised
  • Telegram Bot

    Telegram Bot

    Forward to Bot to save TG content directly
    Essential Skills

Excellent and Cost-Efficient Cloud Service

* PikPak is good at transferring and storing media files such as videos in the cloud, but there are certain quotas for uploading files, etc. No syncing of local photos or documents is provided.

The above prices are calculated based on annual paid premium divided equally into each TB per month. The final price is subject to the payment amount displayed on the purchase page.

A Wonderful User Experience

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